God Gives Grace To The Humble

“God gives grace to the humble.”

God doesn’t love us because we are good. Or bless us because we are good. He loves us intrinsically absolutely—eager to enrich, empower, and radically liberally bless. Our path to greatness is not in sinning less, cutting out, quitting, being a better stronger person. But it is first—FIRST, in allowing the love of God to pardon us, be with us, glorify us with Him though deserving it only by the infinite power of His say so. To allow His love to then free us into righteous living and lead us onward.

And the key to receiving this grace, is humility.

Not work. Not guilt. Not acknowledgement of our inability and powerlessness. But rather acknowledgement of and submission to His beauty, grace, His washing and provided garments of white—the sandals upon the prodigal‘s feet, the ring upon his finger. Humility is receiving and boasting in what is not yours, in what is given to you, rather than hanging onto what you can provide on your own.

The communion does not have prerequisites. It is a gift. He says, “This is My body, broken for you.” And all that is required—is not goodness, track record, years following Him, what you did yesterday—it is simple. Too simple.

“Take. Eat.

This is My body.
Broken for you.”

In humility we receive. And we are partakers in His life and righteousness, one with Him, now seated with Him, and set apart by His grace to glorify Him.

God gives grace to the humble.

-Jared Marquez