Where's My Coffee?


"Where's my coffee? I just emptied the V60 and put it away, but now I can't find my coffee."

That is how the conversation began with my roommate, and it developed into the decision that, "the most frequent adult problem we all face is: where's my coffee?" 

It is a sad but true truth...I think we all ask it. You might be asking it about your tea or detox water, but we all face it. In the morning we need that headspace, that pause where we process the day before and prepare ourselves for the day to come. It doesn't really matter what your beverage of choice is, but #CoffeeIsLife.

More importantly and despite my beverage bias--the most common problem we all face is that we need that time and space each day, and most of us aren't getting it. Lifestyles and work styles have us moving so fast and so constantly that we often don't take the time we need. I see my friends getting burned out, needing a rest period so badly they want to run away, or crashing in the midst of projects. 

We need to be intentional with our time. Take our life one bite at a time.

Everyone caught on and adapted so easily to eating six small meals a day, or grazing...why aren't folks doing that with their lives? New lift plan people: Take each week day by day. Take your time to have your morning coffee, do it alone in a quiet place, do it with friends or family digging deeper into each relationship, do it in a crowded coffee shop making new and brilliant connections. Either way it does not matter "where" your coffee is, just that you are taking time to have it. 

Your business, your family, your friends--will all thank you later for taking that time. You will have greater success all around. The most common problem is not that we can't find our coffee, it is that we can't find the time between our #sidehustle and our 9-5 to refocus.

Time is valuable, but if you don't have the space in your head to 'human' because you aren't taking time to reset, your time won't be of any use and will cost you more in the end. 

- Felicity Neel

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