Easter: 5 Things Worship Leaders Need To Know


Easter. Resurrection Sunday. Your church is going to be packed this weekend!

And as a worship leader, it’s easy to get caught up in the mundane of, “This is just another Sunday.” Well, Easter is not just another Sunday. The story that we’re telling on Easter is central to our faith. It’s why we got saved. Easter is a time that will alter the course of eternity for many who will be attending your service on this weekend.

So here are 5 Things Worship Leaders Need to Know when it comes to your Easter service:

1.       Don’t Forget About God. 

Often, in the business (busy-ness) of a production, we’re trying to dot all of our i’s and cross all of our t’s. Which is important. But let’s not neglect pulling from the source of wisdom and power of the One who our service is built around. Pray the night before. Pray before any of your team arrives. Pray once your team has arrived. Pray during rehearsal. Pray after rehearsal. Pray without ceasing. Services seem to run much better when God is in the picture...and included in your production.

2.       Be Mindful of the Songs in your Set List. 

Easter isn’t the time to build a set list around songs that you prefer, or songs that you sing well. These should be songs of Jesus’ victory over death, God’s plan of salvation, His love for humanity, etc.

3.       Excellence is a Must. 

Roughly half of the people who will attend your church on Easter weekend are CEO Christians. What’s a CEO Christian? Those who usually attend church on Christmas and Easter Only. Get all of the bugs worked out with your team. Plan your transitions. Communicate every detail to your team. Give them a vision of what needs to be accomplished. While all of your church services should be done with excellence, this is especially true on Easter. Give your visitors a compelling reason to return.

4.       Plan to End Pre-Service Rehearsal Early and have Your Team Greet guests. 

Many who will be attending your church on Easter will either be feeling lonely, guilty, or both. And the feeling of isolation only intensifies when they see person after person conversing only with those who attend regularly. Call an early rehearsal; end your rehearsal 10 or 15 minutes early, and have your team spend that extra time meeting new guests. Who knows…it could make a difference in someone’s eternity.

5.       Your Personal Life Will be on Display. 

Fact: Those who will be visiting your church will be paying more attention to you and your pastor. Why? Because you are the ones they’ve seen from the stage. Sure, you’ve publicly shown that Jesus is your Lord, but is it evident that you’re engaged in the rest of the service when you take your seat, or when you’re chatting in the foyer, or when you’re interacting with your kids and your spouse? Be mindful of what you're communicating in your body language off stage. Remember: You’re being watched.