A Heart After God

Joshua the son of Nun, who stands before you, he shall go [into the promised land]. Encourage him, for he shall cause Israel to inherit it.
— Deuteronomy 1:38

God created something special in Joshua. It was not only the heart of a faithful servant, but a heart to seek God. 

God was looking for faithful people who would do His will because they loved the Lord their God. He found this in Caleb and Joshua, who were not afraid of the enemy because they knew what God had told them to do. They trusted in God's word because they knew something about His character that others had forgotten. 

Caleb and Joshua knew God as a Father; something Israel had forgotten.

Joshua was to be encouraged and prepared to go into the land and take it--40 years before it would happen! For 40 years, Moses encouraged Joshua and in turn, Joshua spent intimate time in God's presence. 40 years later, he was strong and courageous to take what he knew was theirs to take. 

God prepared you to take something. You have an inheritance that He created you for; the only person who can stop you from obtaining the life God promised you, is you. 

There is no force on this earth or beneath it that can stop you from taking the inheritance God has for you. You must be strong and courageous to take it. 

God had to pursue His chosen people and teach them that He is a relational God who really does seek the best for them. He still pursues us. It won't do to keep Him at a distance from your heart. He wants real, raw, pure love. He can bound over every mountain of your life, everything that stands in your way! He extends His hands to us and asks, "Will you come with me?" 

God prepared you to take something. If you know His character and trust in His word, then you will not need to be afraid or doubtful. If you're still afraid then spend intimate time with God. The more you know Him and His character, the stronger you'll be to do His will.